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Rip It Fastpitch Softball Bats

2012 RIP IT Reaper Light Fastpitch Softball Bat -12oz REAL1
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2012 RIP IT Reaper Light Fastpitch Softball Bat -12oz REAL1
Item#: REAL1
Manufacturer: Rip-It
Was $179
    Price: $89.95
Dicontinued ProductThis item has been discontinued

RIP IT Reaper Light Fastpitch Bat


The First Drop 12 End Load


Single layer barrel.
The Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat is the first bat to fuse Beyond Composite Technology into a single block of Advanced Tempered Ballistic Alloy. This means for the first time, young fastpitch softball power-hitters can swing a bat made specifically for them. Slightly endloaded and ready to go on the first swing, young softball power-hitters will see instant improvement.

One piece from the knob to the endcap.
The stunning performance of the Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat is generated through its smart one piece design. This one piece design means no loss of energy in the taper section of the bat when the ball is hit. As a result, fastpitch softball power-hitters looking for a drop 12 will find the Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat adds power and distance to every hit.

If you hit it, it will go.
The problem with most drop 12 bats is they don't perform how young standout fastpitch softball players need them to. Fortunately the Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat eliminates this problem with its unique slight endload. Now, young softball hitters can swing a drop 12 that performs more like a drop 10. The result is amazing performance on every hit.

Feel the contact not the sting.
The Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat has a grip that was designed for power-hitters. The raised ridge gives fastpitch softball players a secure grip while still keeping their hands loose. Plus, the memory foam technology helps the grip mold to each individual softball player's hand. The result is a grip that helps you swing better while eliminating vibration and sting.

Stops vibration and sting on mishits.
Because the grip on the Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat is made from memory foam technology vibrations from mishits are a problem of the past. Hits off the end of the bat, or right above the handle are no longer a concern for fastpitch softball hitters.

The meanest bat in your bag.
The Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat has a very intimidating look, which is why the Reaper Light BEST softball bat is such a great fit for fastpitch power-hitters. When a fastpitch power-hitter steps to the plate holding a Reaper Light BEST fastpitch softball bat the pitcher knows they mean business.

Free Returns.
RIP-IT offers all players 30 days to try their Fastpitch Softball bats. This allows every player to make sure the RIP-IT Fastpitch Softball bat is right for them. In short, it means that they guarantee your new Fastpitch Softball bat will be a hit and will out perform all other Fastpitch Softball bats out there. If it doesn't, they will buy it back from you.

400 day Warranty.
RIP-IT also offers an industry leading 400 day warranty on their entire bat line. The warranty covers any manufacturer's defect or any other problem that may arise. More importantly, they make it a point to get replacement bats out 24 to 48 hours after they receive a defective or broken bat.

For more information on warranty returns or money back guarantee's visit

RIP-IT Reaper Light Fastpitch Softball Bat Features:

  • RIP-IT BEST - Best Equipment Service & Technology
  • RIP-IT BCT - Beyond Composite Technology
  • 100% Composite Free
  • -12oz.
  • 2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
  • Slight Endload
  • Memory Foam Vibration Dampening Grip
  • Legal for usin in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, High School, and NCAA
  • Made in the USA
  • RIP-IT 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • RIP-IT 400-Day Warranty


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