All Star System 7 Pro Leg Guards 16.5” LG30WPRO

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Item#: LG30WPRO  |  Manufacturer: All Star
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All Star System 7 Pro Leg Guards 16.5" LG30WPRO

All Star System 7 Pro Leg Guards 16.5" LG30WPRO

The System Seven LG30PRO plate design revolved around a few concepts: Keeping it light and strong yet flexible, and well ventilated. Throughout the plates, we took note of the areas which take the most abuse, such as the knees, and made the plastic thicker to withstand more abuse. The shape of the knee plate has been designed for stable motion. Catchers need a stable base for blocking balls and also need maneuverability while on the knees.

The shin plates have 10 ventilation ports and have been designed to be customizable. The plastic is moldable, meaning that if you like wearing them snug, you can squeeze the walls and bring them in. If you like them loose and more breathable, flex the shin plate outward.

Patella Plus D3O Technology has been incorporated into the knee pads. The gel has an extended life and also provides more cushion and support. Padding which cradles the knee is critical. A removable and machine washable strip of 3D Mesh UltraCool padding has been placed in the shin as well. Specific to the left and right shins, the padding not only increases the protection level, but also lets the catcher customize his leg guard’s fit.

All Star LG30WPRO System 7 Pro Leg Guards 16.5" Features:

  • Redesigned shell for increased ventilation and strength
  • Large diameter perforated foam for breathability
  • Triple knee design with Active Tracking
  • Adjustable, anatomically shaped shin pad
  • Patella Plus D3O and Gel knee pad
  • Removable second toe
  • DeltaFlex Harness


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  • Pros: Great comfort, protection, and movability
  • Cons: N/A
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  • Pros: These leg guards are the best on the market. They have optimal padding, a stylish look,and are easy to clean. The first thing I love about these is the padding. Going down to drop and block has never been more comfortable than with these. There are several pads in the knees that aren't restricting to your legs yet are very good at absorbing the drop of your knees. The next thing is the beast design. Definitely the coolest looking shinnies you can find. They've got a sleek design, and have ventilation in the right places to make it breathable and stylish. My favorite thing about these is that they re easy to wash. The ABS micro shields male your gear easy to wash, and no mold or residue grows on it. I highly urge you to purchase these shins.
  • Cons: Your teammates may get jealous of you.
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  • Pros: These shins are the best on the market. The first reason is the optimal padding. You can drop and block easily without any hassle and it fells good. They padding in the knees isn't big or restricting, but still provides a great cushion. They also have a great look. The sleek design and proper ventilation holes look great, and will look batter than any other gear on the team. The best part is they are easy to wash and get clean again. The ABS micro shields make it so you can wash your gear and no mod or residue can grow. Definitely the best gear on the market.
  • Cons: Your teammates may get jealous.
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