Little League Composite Bats Banned F.A.Q.

by Staff

Several composite bats have already passed the waiver process and more are expected very soon!

Please be patient. There is no need to return your bat at this time, chances are your bat will still be legal when this is all sorted out.

As of January 21st. 2011 the Easton Omen Little League Composite Bat in both -10 ounce and -12 ounce have been approved for play!

Little League recently announced a moratorium on composite bats in all levels of play.  We have received many questions and few answers about the composite bat ban.  Our feeling is that many of the current composite bats on the market will ultimately be legal for play in 2011. Typically, when a major rule change is announced, there is a grace period so people do not get stuck with a worthless bat. This is why Little League has left the door open for a Waiver List to allow composite bats back in play if they pass a test before and after the baseball bat has been "broken in".

Q. I just bought a composite bat. What should I do?
A. Several baseball bats have already passed the waiver process so just sit tight for now. The bat makers are very confident that their bats will pass this new testing procedure (Similar to the new BBCOR Advanced Break In test now being used for High School and College baseball bats).  Every bat maker is submitting it's composite bats for testing in January 2011

Q. I can't wait 2 weeks. What should I do?
A. Call Little League directly 570-326-1921 or call the maker of your bat. At this point in time the bat makers and Little League know a lot more about the ban/waiver process than we do.

Q. I have a baseball bat with a composite handle and an aluminum barrel. Is my bat legal?
A. This moratorium involves composite barrel bats only, and does not impact aluminum barrel bats that may have composite handles, end caps, knobs, grips, etc.

Q. What kind of test do composite bats have to pass?
A. We have heard from inside sources that the test will be an Advanced Break In (ABI) test that measures the "pop" of the bat new, and after it has been used.

Q. I removed my bat from the wrapper, can I return my bat to
A. First things first: There is a very good chance your bat will be legal after Little League tests the bats again, so please have patience during the month of January. As for bats out of the wrapper we do not take open or used merchandise back for return or exchange because an organization changes it's rules.  If you return a used or open bat, it will be sent back to you via freight collect.

Q. My composite bat has a stamp on it that says it is approved for play in Little League. Can I use it?
A. Only if that composite bat passes a new, more rigorous test. Every 2.25" diameter barrel composite bat on the market was APPROVED BY LITTLE LEAGUE at one point in time, however Little League changed it's mind and is subjecting composite bats to a new test which several baseball bats have passed.


Baseball Bat Manufacturer Phone Numbers:

Combat - 1-866-COMBATS
DeMarini - 1-800-937-BATS
Easton - 1-888-259-1297
Louisville Slugger - 1-800-282-2287
Miken - 1-877-807-5291
Mizuno - 1-800-966-1234
Rawlings - 1-800-RAWLINGS
Wilson - 1-800-245-5454
Worth - 1-800-423-3714


This article was published on Monday 03 January, 2011.

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