Diamond DCM-iX3 i335 Baseball Catcher's Mitt 33.5”

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Diamond DCM-iX3 i335 Baseball Catcher's Mitt 33.5"

Diamond DCM-iX3 i335 Baseball Catcher's Mitt 33.5"

  • Japanese tanned Maruhashi Pro leather
  • Wool pocket padding with defined shock pad
  • Flat two-piece web
  • Premium leather lacing
  • Closed back styling with index finger pad
  • 33.5" catcher's pattern
  • 1 year warranty


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  • Tell me more about this glove. What glove would you compare this too? The kind of leather it describes would be similar to what other gloves out on the market? Would this glove be on level with the All Star CM3100's? How long of a break in period would you estimate?
  • Asked by senorgreen74 on Wednesday 03 July, 2013
  • Diamond Catchers Mitts are a great value. Many leagues purchase Diamond Mitts in bulk due to the excellent value provided. The Diamond iX3 Mitt is their high-end catchers glove, and would fall in line approximately with the build quality of the All Star 3100 Catchers Mitts, as they are both made from good quality leather. Breaking in this mitt would not take as long as a higher priced, stiff glove, but expect to put in some work with glove oil and a lot of catch in order to get this mitt game ready.
  • Answered by Joshua - Glove Expert

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Web Type:Closed
Glove Size:33.5"