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Miken Slowpitch Bats
Miken Fastpitch Bats

Miken Gloves

Miken Softball Bats changed the way the sport is played. Once dominated by aluminum and alloy bats, Miken paved the way for the composite bat. Grassroots efforts by Miken introduced the high-performance composite designs that many have tried to duplicate. The Caledonia, Minnesota bat maker still uses only the highest grade aerospace carbon fiber materials in their bats, giving batters that trademark Miken feel. Since day one Miken has made all of their composite softball bats in the USA. Many softball players are not aware, but Miken actually manufactures every composite Worth Bat in the USA as well.

Miken Sports - 131 Bissen St, Caledonia, MN 55921 General Customer Service and Miken Warranty 1-877-807-5291

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