Nokona Pro Line Baseball Glove AMG1150M-SX-MT (PL-1150M) 11.5”

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Nokona Pro Line Baseball Glove AMG1150M-SX-MT (PL-1150M) 11.5"

Nokona Pro Line Baseball Glove AMG1150M-SX-MT (PL-1150M) 11.5"

A true baseball glove leather for true baseball glove enthusiasts.  By combining buckskin (oil tanned leather) with the rigid sandstone (Pro Line) leather, we have given this series the best of everything.  Lined with buckskin, this glove feels great right off the shelf.  Coupled with sandstone leather, this series has the shape and rigidity baseball players need and demand.  Nokona Athletics has been designing and producing high quality hand made Nokona baseball gloves in Nocona, Texas since 1934.  When you choose a Nokona glove, you are choosing perfection and pride... Nokona Baseball and Softball Gloves are quite simply the finest gloves on the market.

  • 11.5" Nokona Glove Pattern
  • Combination of Buckskin and Sandstone Leather
  • Web: Modified Trap
  • Open Back
  • 1 Year Warranty on all Nokona Baseball Gloves

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  • Pros: Great glove, very strong, breaks in very well NLC
  • Cons: The glove gets dark with the NLC but nothing other than that.
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Web Type:Modified Trapeze
Glove Size:11.5"