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All Star Protective Padded Wrist Band wiht D3O WG4000
All Star Protective Padded Wrist Band wiht D3O WG4000
Item#: WG4000
Manufacturer: All Star
    Price: $14.95
Available Options:

All Star Protective Padded Wristband WG4000

The D3O forearm guard system features a compression arm sleeve with the flexible and highly protective D3O padding. Perfect for bad hops and the moldable properties of D3O will provide everyone with a perfect fit. This is the ideal wrist protection for players who have lots of wrist movement because the D3O component will bend and move as the wrist bone turns. The wrist guard can be used in one position for catching or fielding and then rotated for extra batting protection.

All Star WG4000 Protective Padded Wristband Features:

  • Compression arm sleeve
  • D3O System Seven Impact Protection
  • Can be used for catching and fielding, then rotated for batting
6” - 7.75”
7” - 9”
7” - 8.5”
8” - 11”
8” - 11”
9.5” - 15”


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