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Used ABC Batting Cage Softballs - One Dozen

Item#: SBUSED  |  Manufacturer: ABC
Available Options:

(Arrives in 1 to 5 business days)
3 Day
(Arrives Fri, 5/1)
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Used ABC Batting Cage Softballs - One Dozen

Used ABC Batting Cage Softballs - One Dozen

$1.00 Per Ball

Guaranteed not to be cracked.  These softballs have between 20% and 50% life left on them.

These batting cage softballs from ABC (Automated Batting Cages) are the finest batting cage ball you can buy, and that is why we use them at our outdoor batting cage facility. New they sell for nearly $45 per dozen, but we occasionally have to make room for new ABC batting cage softballs and sell the old batting cage balls because different sized softballs in our batting cages would cause inconsistent pitches.

Very Limited Supply that only comes up a few times a year.

From ABC:
"Exclusive design manufactured by and available only from ABC.
Specifically designed for accuracy in our "wheel-style" pitching machines...right on track!"

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