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Wilson A1015 Pro Series Collegiate & High School Baseball

Item#: WTA1015BSST  |  Manufacturer: Wilson
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Wilson A1015 Pro Series Collegiate & High School Baseball

Unmatched in performance, feel, and durability; coaches, instructors, and players continue to choose Wilson baseballs and softballs. Wilson Super Seam Technology helps players pitch and field with better control and accuracy. The seams are 20% higher than conventional raised seams, which gives pitchers superior control on the mound and helps fielders locate the ball quicker in the glove and throw with more accuracy. Wilson's Dura-Core Technology provides proprietary pressure formed to withstand impact and retain original hardness 15% better than their top competitors, and the Red Cushioned Cork keeps the baseball more energized during bat/ball collision. Wilson baseballs and Wilson softballs are the preferred choice of 40+ collegiate conferences and half of the state high school associations nationwide.

Wilson A1015BSST Pro Series Baseball Features:

  • Super Seam Technology
  • Dura-Core Technology
  • Red Cushioned Cork
  • Gray Wool
  • Grade C Full Grain Leather
  • NFHS

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