2014 Miken FREAK 4 THE FALLEN Slowpitch Softball Bat 4FALMA

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2014 Miken FREAK 4 THE FALLEN Slowpitch Softball Bat 4FALMA

2014 Miken FREAK 4 THE FALLEN Softball Bat

The 2014 Miken FREAK 4 The Fallen is a tribute to Miken's 4 The Fallen Conference team and what they represent in supporting our troops and wounded veterans. A portion of the proceeds from each bat is donated to the 4 The Fallen organization.

Miken's proprietary hpi (high pressure infusion) injects ultra-tough epoxy resin into the highest grade aerospace carbon fiber to the tune of 750 pounds per square inch! These extreme pressures and premium materials produce a game changing level of performance and durability for this Freak 4 The Fallen! 100 comp is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and now combines with Miken's already high performance equipment.  This bat was engineered to deliver one thing: legendary perforamance... Miken did not disappoint.

2014 4 The Fallen Slowpitch Bat Features:

  • Maxload
  • 750X High Pressure Infusion
  • One-Piece 100% Composite
  • Stamps of Approval: ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA
  • Made in USA
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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  • Pros: Great bat for contact and power hitters,great durability of graphics and bat performance, Great Pop out of the Wrapper, Very Large Sweet Spot. I personally recommend this bat. This bat was made 4The Fallen Balls the opposite Team sees Flying over the fence in Honor of our Military Warriors. :)
  • Cons: None. Not Playing with this bat during the 4th of July weekend in our Tournament.
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  • Pros: This bat is amazing right out of the wrap. It has a lot of pop and the sweet spot is good size. The first few times I have used it I have hit several triples. Cannot wait to completely break it in. The design is pretty sweet too, just an added bonus, you can't go wrong with the Freak 4 the Fallen!!!
  • Cons: No real complaints but I should have bought it sooner!
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  • Pros: When I saw the name of this bat I knew it had to be mine! As if this bat was touched by the Arch Angel himself St. Michael this bat radiates power! Fallen from the skies this bat landed into my hands and I have been doing justice from day one. Crushing evil one home run at a time, winning one game at a time, the rise of Miken to the top will come!
  • Cons: Miken put made in the USA on their bat, but I'm convinced it came down from heaven.
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  • Pros: Great out the wrapper. Me and the team was dropped line shots and bombs in the first game with it.
  • Cons: None so far.
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  • Pros: The FREAK is a great bat. Highly recommended. I prefer WORTH any day of the week. I've swung Miken Psycho, and was disappointed. I've swung Easton, disappointed. WORTH never seems to disappoint anytime I swing it. ALTHOUGH, I swung a MIKEN FREAK and it's an incredible bat. It's the best Miken bat in my opinion. For an ASA bat it crushes the ball.
  • Cons: None
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  • Is this bat good with .52 Cor balls?
  • Asked by Hill9712
  • This is a newer ASA bat and made for the .52 core 300lb compression balls.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Will these be in stock again?
  • Asked by Kyle
  • This bat will not be back in stock until late September.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • I just went to order one of these bats and realized they were sold out! Do you buy chance have more or will be getting more?
  • Asked by bryson williams
  • Unfortunately at this time we are sold out and will not be receiving anymore in stock until late September.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Do you have a 27 or 28 oz bats available?
  • Asked by Dloe
  • We currently just have 26oz. remaining in stock.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Your site is the only site I see where this bat is both ASA and USSSA certified, even the Miken Sports website says ASA only... why is yours dual stamped?
  • Asked by Betha
  • The bats that we have received in stock from Miken have both stamps on them. ASA and USSSA
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • I see everywhere else that this bat is for ASA only. Can I use this bat for USSSA play because it has the stamp
  • Asked by Michael Jeffries
  • This bat does NOT have a USSSA stamp on it.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Is this a dual stamp freak? Everywhere else has it as ASA only.
  • Asked by RS00
  • This bat is ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA approved. See picture above of actual bat.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Just have a few quick questions about the Miken Freak 4 the fallen. It didn't mention if it was end-loaded or balanced on the performance specs but it did say maxload, is that similar to end-loaded? Just getting into softball and heard a lot about Freak 98's, are these similar?
  • Asked by Steve
  • The Maxload is similar to an end load. Some companies call it an end load some call it a max load. The Freak 4 Fallen is similar to the Freak 98 in feel! The Freak 98 was manufactured in a different era which is why it does not have any of the new regulation stamps on it, so it will be a little hotter.
  • Answered by Kevin Bat Expert

Product SpecsProduct Info
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2014
Product Keywords:Dual ASA/USSSA

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