2015 Worth Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Softball Bat SBA5UA

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Item#: SBA5UA  |  Manufacturer: Worth
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2015 Worth Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Softball Bat SBA5UA

The Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Softball Bat is made with a Single Piece Design and constructed out of 100% Alloy material, which is an aerospace grade aluminum that combines with the rolled end to give the Amp Reload ultimate durability. 

This Slowpitch Amp Alloy Reload is approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA and ISA softball associations with the USSSA 1.20 BPF Thumbprint Stamp located right on the bat. Get yours today, right here at CheapBats.com! 

2015 Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Balanced Features:

  • Single Piece
  • 100% Alloy - aerospace grade aluminum
  • Rolled End
  • USSSA 1.20 BPF Thumbprint Stamp - approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA and ISA associations

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  • Is this bat balanced or end loaded?
  • Asked by Timmy
  • The 2015 Worth Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Softball Bat SBA5UA has a .5oz reload end-load on the end of the barrel.
  • Answered by Kris (Bat Expert)
  • how might this bat compare to say more expensive bats like the Easton S500, or even Demarini Ultimate Weapon? As far as materials go and feel goes?
  • Asked by william avalos
  • The Amp Alloy Reload slowpitch softball bat is going to be your basic 1-piece aluminum that's best for coed and church leagues. It has the dual stamp so it's basically good in any softball league. The Ultimate Weapon will be a similar bat with its build and similar in overall performance, as will the S500 from Easton.
  • Answered by Kris (Bat Expert)
  • How would you compare this to an Easton Reflex? I've had good power with the Easton. Being in a league where you can only get single wall it's hard to find good power bats.
  • Asked by Jayredbull
  • The 2015 Worth Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Softball Bat SBA5UA is similar to the Easton Reflex as it is a single piece, single wall alloy. This bat will be comparable to the Reflex.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • I'm in two Asa leagues we use the 44core softball. I'm a big guy 6'4 250 who hits with power. Would this bat be ideal for good use. The price is shockingly, I don't want a product that want last me long.
  • Asked by Chris
  • The 2015 Worth Amp Alloy Reload Slowpitch Softball Bat SBA5UA is a dual stamp bat that is approved for ASA softball play, so you can use it in both your ASA leagues. This bat is a Single Wall that is made with 100% Aluminum material and has a rolled end, so that's why it's so inexpensive. If you're looking for something that's very durable, then I would look to spend a little bit more money on another bat (maybe the Anderson Flex slow-pitch bat?). However, if you're looking for a coed/church league/batting cage slow-pitch bat that is hot right away, then the Amp Alloy Reload will be perfect.
  • Answered by Kris (Bat Expert)

Product SpecsProduct Info
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2015
Product Keywords:Dual ASA/USSSA