Anderson Techzilla FP Fastpitch Bat -10oz 017024

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Anderson Techzilla FP Fastpitch Bat -10oz 017024

Anderson TechZilla Fastpitch Bat

The Anderson TechZilla Fastpitch Softball Bat is designed to support the average ballplayer. Meaning, it is a bat that an average ball player can swing faster without sacrificing control. It is barrel-weighted (lower moment of inertia) instead of end-loaded, or what some would refer to as "balanced" in design.

TrueFlex End Cap: Designed to increase barrel strength and aid in our vibration management design, Anderson's TrueFlex End Cap operates in conjunction with their patented performance technologies by containing vibrational energy in the barrel.

Grooved Assembly System: The Grooved Assembly System locks and fortifies the shell, sleeve, and end cap of Anderson's patented Multi-Wall design, providing increased barrel elasticity and superior durability.

Internal PowerArch Technology: Redesigned and reloaded by the incorporation of component advancements and the custom K-Series Alloy,the internal Multi-Wall construction employs an arched interior sleeve design to generate maximum legal performance with an optimized Mal (swing weight). Barrel weighting doesn't change the center of mass. The TechZilla Fastpitch Bat was the first design for Anderson that explored a lower MOI, and it remains one of the best performing multi-wall, internal sleeved products available in the marketplace today.

TaperFlex Contour: TaperFlex Contour uses a proprietary combination of design mapping and wall-thickness tuning to prevent productive vibration energy from escaping the barrel

Ultra-Thin Whip Handle: Designed to operate in conjunction with the vibration management TaperFlex Contour, Ultra-Thin Whip Handle combined with the shock-absorbing SG-l Sport Grip fits comfortably in any hitter's hands to promote proper swing mechanics and create the most comfortable swing in the game today.

Weldless Knob: Provides unmatched comfort and reduces the risk of injury for young hitters.

Anderson Techzilla FP Features:

  • Multi-Wall - All Metal
  • TrueFlex End Cap
  • Grooved Assembly System
  • Internal PowerArch Technology
  • -10oz Drop
  • TaperFlex Contour
  • Ultra-Thin Whip Handle
  • Weldless Knob
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty


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Product SpecsProduct Info
Length To Weight:Minus 10 Ounce
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2014