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Baden Sports

Baden Sports
Baden Sports

The Baden name is one that is trusted throughout several different sports ranging from baseball and softball to soccer and football to volleyball and water polo. Baden Sports also provides those who compete in rugby and other recreational activities with the equipment and tools needed to be successful and have a good time. The company was founded in 1979 and for 34 years, has continued to evolve and create lasting memories for millions of athletes around the world.

Baden Sports has made a name for themselves in the baseball market and are the official ball of several college conferences and associations, as well as smaller state associations. The company is also the official licensee and supplier to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame for their official ball. Baden Sports strives to produce high quality products every step of the way and have extensive standards practices that they follow with each item.

Since entering the sports world, the company has seen numerous famous and legendary figures endorse their products including the NCAA college basketball champion coach, Bob Knight. Their volleyballs have also been the ball of choice for several of the best collegiate coaches in the sport including Mick Haley and Rich Luenemann, both of whom have been NCAA Coach of the Year in their respective divisions.

The Baden Sports company slogan is Passion for a Better Game and this is the line the company follows from the inception of a new product through the production for that item. The company has been at the center of various revolutionary movements in the sports world including Cushion Control Technology, which is a patented method used to create the first-ever women's-sized basketball. The Baden Sports soccer balls are also popular with the athletes that play the game and their parents. These balls are made of some of the best material available to the company and give users a solid and comfortable product to kick.

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