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Bass Softball

Bass Softball
Bass Softball

Founded in 2007, Bass Bats was the most recent addition to the line of Bass Gloves products. Bass Gloves opened up their business in the small town of Fayette, Alabama as a company meant to be for athletes, designed by athletes.Bass Gloves's greatest asset to the baseball equipment business comes from the expertise, experience and knowledge in the sports world.

When it comes to their line of products, Bass Gloves features products for baseball and softball players, as well as products for golfers and racers. The company offers high quality fire suits, helmets, gloves, eyewear and other accessories for those taking on the racing world. For golfers, Bass offers clubs, bags, shoes and other accessories that are meant to give you the best product for your money.

For those looking for Bass baseball and Bass softball products, the company has an extensive line of bats, fielding gloves, batting gloves, footwear, apparel and sleek, state of the art pitching masks. These masks come with various paint schemes including camouflage, snakeskin and black smoke. When it comes to the line of Bass Bats, the company has a nice selection of ASA, USSSA and senior league approved bats.

Among the ASA approved bats offered from Bass Bats include the Takeover: Slowpitch, Bi Polar, Darkside and Quake. The Darkside is made of Hex99 precision alloy and is made with a one piece design. For those looking for a USSSA fastpitch approved bat, the PINKY is a balanced bat that comes with a pink paint scheme, perfect for those looking to stand out above the rest at your next tournament. The Trendsetter is another USSSA approved bat that can be used from Bass Bats to give you great pop with every swing. Bass Bats also offers two senior league bats including the Crippler and the Crippler End loaded. Both bats are meant to give you the power you remember having when you were in your 20s.


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