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Catchers Leg Guards

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Finding the Perfect Pair of Catcher Leg Guards

A catcher is vital to the game of baseball or softball, yet this position is often overlooked. As you go to choose catcher leg guards, you'll find there are many different types and sizes to select from. Most come in lengths ranging from 11 to 17 inches, although you may be able to find other sizes. The price tends to go up, based on padding quality and cushioning, along with many other factors, and some opt to purchase guards featuring foot, ankle, and toe protection. Here are some variables to consider when making your choice.

Leg guards protect the catcher, and thanks to advances in their design and technology, leg guards for catchers now feature stronger plastics, a better design, and padding which absorbs more energy to protect the legs. In addition, leg guards now come up above the knee to keep the lower thighs protected, allowing them to take more abuse. Every manufacturer now includes more support in the knee area, so the pad prevent the hard impact of countless balls.

Choose leg guards which can be adjusted with the help of straps. You need to spend some time checking and adjusting the straps to guarantee the proper fit during the game, and make sure to wear the baseball pants when making these adjustments as they will affect the fit. This also gives the catcher time to adjust to the weight and feel of the leg guards before taking part in a game. The knee cap padding needs to be adjusted in the same way, prior to use, and the same is true of the foot and toe protector.

Don't rush the process when fitting leg guards. Injuries to the legs come in many forms. A ball may hit the catcher's cleat and hurt the toe or top of the foot. A kneecap may be cracked or broken when a ball directly hits the catcher's knee, or the thigh may receive a deep bruise. Even something as simple as a scrape can put a catcher out of the game for a number of days. Leg guards help to prevent these and many other injuries, but only when they fit properly and protect the desired area. Try a number of pairs until you find the ones right for you or your child.

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