CLOSEOUT Wilson A1500 Pro Soft Yak Baseball Glove 12.5” BBKP92

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Item#: WTA1500BBKP92  |  Manufacturer: Wilson
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CLOSEOUT Wilson A1500 Pro Soft Yak Baseball Glove 12.5" BBKP92

Wilson A1500 Pro Soft Yak Baseball Glove


The Wilson Pro Soft Yak Baseball Glove is lightweight, soft, and strong as a bull. Actually, stronger than a bull - three times stronger! Yak leather is a new frontier for leather tanners. Pioneered by Wilson's friends and partners at ECCO, Yak Leather is 3x stronger than cowhide. This allows Wilson to skive the hide thinner, providing you the player with the most possible feel for the ball, without sacrificing any durability. It also makes for a quicker break in, and a soft, game-ready feel right off the shelf. Yakkers aren't just for pitchers anymore. This Wilson Baseball Glove also brings with it some of Wilson's trademark features that make their gloves some of the best on the field. 2X Palm Construction - a thin, strategically cut piece of leather that is placed between the palm liner and outer shell, providing maximum pocket stability and a quicker break in. Pro Stock Patterns - Exclusive hand designed patterns continuously improved by Aso-san and the Wilson Advisory Staff year after year. And let's not forget the Low Profile Heel, which makes this Yak baseball glove more flexible, opens up the palm and pocket, and makes the glove more forgivng on bad-hop grounders.

Wilson A1500BBKP92 Pro Soft Yak Baseball Glove Features:

  • ECCO Yak Leather
  • 2X Palm Construction
  • Pro Stock Patterns
  • Low Profile Heel
  • Xtra Long Laces
  • Laced T-Web
  • 12.5" Outfield Pattern
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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