CLOSEOUT Wilson A800 Game Ready SoftFit Baseball Glove 11.75” WTA0800BB1175

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Item#: WTA0800BB1175  |  Manufacturer: Wilson
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CLOSEOUT Wilson A800 Game Ready SoftFit Baseball Glove 11.75" WTA0800BB1175

Wilson Game Ready SoftFit A800 Baseball Glove 11.75" WTA0800BB1175

Sometimes you don't have all winter to break in a glove. That’s why we developed a glove with a great fit that is soft and 100% game ready. There are several things in life you will wait for, but with the Game Ready SoftFit, having a glove ready for the first practice of the season won’t be one of them.
EXCLUSIVE ECCO LEATHER: Game ready leather engineered specifically to provide softness on the first day of ownership and durability for years to come.
2X PALM CONSTRUCTION: A thin, strategically cut piece of leather is placed between the palm liner and outer shell, providing maximum pocket stability and a quicker break in.
FULL LEATHER CONSTRUCTION: Shell, laces, palm liner— everywhere. Nothing breaks in and conforms to your hand better.
LOW PROFILE HEEL: Lower profile heel makes glove more flexible, opens up the palm and pocket, and makes the glove more forgiving on bad-hop grounders.


  • Exclusive ECCO Leather
  • 2X Palm Construction
  • Full Leather Construction
  • Low Profile Heel
  • 11.75 " Infield/Pitcher Pattern
  • Pro Laced T-Web
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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  • Does game ready mean that the glove comes broken in?
  • Asked by Ned
  • "Game Ready" is the manufacturer's term for the glove has been broken in by them. We do not offer a break in service, but this glove comes manufactured broken in.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)

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Glove Size:11.75"