Easton Hammer Slowpitch Softball Bat SK5 A113110

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Item#: A113110  |  Manufacturer: Easton
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Easton Hammer Slowpitch Softball Bat SK5 A113110

Forged using a thick, durable metal alloy. This Softball Bat is built for church league dominance. Irresistible black and red color scheme makes the Hammer one of the most recognizable names in slow pitch.

Hammer Softball Bat Features:

  • Full rolled-over end
  • Value-priced all-purpose softball bat
  • Great for Church/Coed leagues and batting cage rentals
  • Paint and clear coat finish, great graphics
  • 1 Year warranty

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  • Pros: These bats are believed to be forged in the fires of Mordor, which is how it gets its durability. Nothing can break the internal structure of this bat because of all the years it takes to forge this glorious specimen of softball greatness. It is believed that underneath the weight stickers it reads "One bat to rule them all". After hearing so many great things about The Hammer, I immediately purchased it. After peeling off the wrapper, it magically knew what to do draging me to the nearest softball field to hit. When I stepped into the batters box, a ball came my way. I swung at the ball and with a thunderous BANG! the ball went skyrocketing into the air never to return again. With this sound ringing through the skies, mass ammounts of women came crawling and begging for my love.
  • Cons: With all the greatness that comes with these bats, there are severe consequenses. If you get two hammers too close to each other, they are believed to hit together and make a horrible sound that will inevitablily break california in half at the san andres fault line. It is your responsibility as a hammer owner to never bring two hammers in contact with each other, or the world as we know it may end. Take your hammer, rise above the cometition, and get all the ladies.
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  • Pros: I have two of these bats one a 34"/30oz the other a 32"/25oz and the pop off these bats is great for the price. The "Hammer" indeed, I cannot wait for our teams first slowpitch game as our practices have been one slugger after another with this addition.
  • Cons: NONE!!! BUY BUY BUY
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  • Pros: Great cheap and durable cage bat for practice or having fun. Fighting Zombies.
  • Cons: For game play there are way better options. You get what you pay for, this bat is not intended for competitive play.
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  • Pros: It does what it needs to do, for the most part... It's cheap. You can find it at Target and Walmart, so go get some groceries and pick up a bat.
  • Cons: It requires a lot of break in (for me at least) to get a lot of pop on the bat. It's a basic aluminum bat. Save your money and save up for a better bat. If you are in a pinch or on a super tight budget, it works, but there are better choices out there.
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  • Pros: Lightweight. High performance
  • Cons:
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  • Pros: WOW !!!!!!!!! Cant believe the POWER of this AWESOME bat ! HAMMER is the correct name for this piece of equipment. I believe the hands of THOR forged this bat and it comes to us directly from Heaven ! Please use this bat(if you are on the other team) we will bring the outfield in to the edge of the grass and DARE you to burn us ! Our Coach (Dale) has this bat and we call him THE HAMMER because of the power behind his swing with this bat.
  • Cons: Nothing ! Please buy this bat (unless you are on my team)
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  • Is this bat composite or aluminum?
  • Asked by Briana
  • The Easton SK5 Hammer is an aluminum bat.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Can you tell me if this is a ASA approved slow pitch softball bat?
  • Asked by Louie
  • This bat is indeed approved for ASA softball.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)

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Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
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