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Pow'R Wrap

Pow'R Wrap
Pow'R Wrap

For a lot of baseball and softball players, their pre-at bat rituals might include swinging a weighted bat. Those who swing a weight bat before they step into the box do this so they can increase their bat speed during their at bat. When it comes to baseball, the faster you can get your swing started to make contact with a fastball, the better your chances are of making solid contact. The same can be said of slowpitch softball players. Any experienced slowpitch player will say it doesn't matter how big and strong you are if you don't have great bat speed. That is where a lot of power comes from and with the Pow'R Wrap on your bat, you will be better prepared for your swing when it matters the most.

The Pow'R Wrap was originally made for baseball and softball players. They come in different sizes for baseball, softball and youth league bats. The weight slides onto the bat through the handle side and pops right off when you need to enter the box. These weights are the only approved weights in softball as donut weights that you may have used in high school have been deemed illegal by all the sanctioning companies. The weights are made of recycled material and are indestructible.

Pow'R Wrap has also invaded the market for golfers as they offer a Golf Tac® "The Rain Tamer." This is a spray that you can put on the handle of your clubs to make your old, slippery grips easy to handle again. It also makes swinging your clubs in the rain or with heavy humidity easy to do. The spray won't transfer to your hands or gloves either as it is meant to stay on your grip. If you drop your club on the ground, you also won't need to worry about it picking up any dirt or grass as it was made with a non-sticky formula. As easy as it is to apply Golf Tac to your club, it will come off with a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol.

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