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The SSK brand has been around for more than 50 years and the company continues to put out products for their customers that will leave them beyond pleased with the quality and performance. Since their inception, the company has based their business around being the "most exciting expert of baseball." The company has seen some changes in their products over the years, but this growth is expected when the business changes as quickly as baseball does.

In 1978, SSK Gloves had their first large hit with the "dimple" patterned glove. This glove had a unique look, while also maintaining quality functionality that was at the top of the business. With the glove gaining in popularity at a high rate, SSK entered the international market. SSK's long experience in the business has made them one of the most trusted companies and the quality of their glove only enhances this trust further.

SSK doesn't only produce fielding gloves as they have items needed for every aspect of the sport. Whether you need batting gloves, cleats, bats, balls, bags, protective gear, training equipment or apparel, SSK has taken their goal of wanting to be the best into something they can achieve because of the craftsmanship put into every item produced and sold.

The company has grown to the point where they have become the official provider of umpire gear and clothing for the International Baseball Federation. They have created innovative aluminum alloy bats for use in competitive play including the Nice Hunter. This bat is indented and has a sheet wrapped barrel that helps the ball fly off the bat when solid contact is made. Due to the success of this bat, the company put out a lighter version of the bat for contact hitters, as well as a model made for power hitters.

SSK continues to grow as a company and one of their latest advancements is the SSK Custom Glove Builder. This area on their website allows you to pick you color, style and material for your next glove.

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