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Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty Baseball Bat 2006 CB206 more

TPX Dynasty

is the newest baseball bat from one of the most dominating names in Baseball, Louisville Slugger

CB206 TPX Dynasty

Focuses on the fact that despite the Flexible-Handle Hype, Siff-Handle Technology is STILL Dominating the game.

TPX Dynasty

We are currently using this bat and gathering customer feedback in our batting cages. This baseball bat has been very well recieved so far...

High School & College TPX Dynasty Baseball Bat $224.95

Senior League TPX Dynasty Baseball Bat $179.95

Youth League TPX Dynasty Baseball Bat $134.95

From the lab to the field: Performance technology from Louisville Slugger. Since we turned our first wood bat in 1884, Louisville Slugger has set the standard for performance technology at every level or play. Today, we are raising that standard with the most advanced technology we have introduced to date.

STIFF HANDLE: The Stiff-Handle design that is dominating the game.

TPX performance technology centers around the concept of a stiff handle and a flexible barrel. This is the field-proven, time-tested design that has helped Louisville Slugger teams to win six of the past seven college baseball national championships.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, many of today's bat makers are touting the performance of flexible, "whippy" handles. But the fact is a flexible handle actually reduces performance for most players. That is because it flexes just when you don't want it to- while the ball is in contact with the bat. Think about it: when the handle flexes, the barrel cant. This reduces the potential for trampoline effect when the barrel comes in contact with the ball. A stiff handle produces more barrel flex, resulting in greater trampoline effect. That means ultimately, greater performance.

There are even more advantages to stiff-handle technology. A stiff handle prevents loss of energy on off-sweet-spot hits, which translates into better, more consistent performance. Unlike flex-handle bats, a stiff handle allows you to "feel the hit," providing feedback that will make you a better hitter.

From the aerospace industry to home plate: The powerful new ST+20 Alloy from Louisville Slugger and Alcoa.

For several years now, Louisville Slugger has been working with Alcoa to develop exclusive alloys, like the highly successful GEN1X, GEN1X with Scandium and Warrior alloys. The latest in this ever-evolving line of exclusive alloys is ST+20, our strongest alloy yet.

ST+20 is a product of the same Alcoa computer-modeling programs that led to the development of the latest alloys used in the aerospace industry by Boeing and Airbus. The combined strength and toughness of ST+20 is more than 20% greater than the industry leading Warrior alloy.

The scoreboard doesn't lie. Today's top teams win with TPX Bats from Louisville Slugger

For the past seven years, Louisville Slugger TPX bats have completely dominated college baseball, earning six of the past seven national championships.

Who is swinging TPX Baseball Bats?

6 of the past 7 national champions

12 of the past 14 teams in the championship game

7 of the past 8 teams in the final four

There are two kinds of bats:

The kind with flexible handles, and the kind winning all the championships.

Lately, many bat makers have been pushing bats with flexible, "whippy" handles. Fortunately for baseball, some people aren't buying into the hype. Like 6 of the last 7 national college champions. And 12 of the last 14 teams in the championship game. The fact is, a flexible handle actually reduces performance for most players. That's because it flexes just when you don't want it to - while the ball is in contact with the bat.

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