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Your Baseball Bats & Softball Bats Shopping Guide

New Bats | Selecting Softball Bats & Baseball Bats

Both baseball and softball bats have changed a lot over the last decade. This is largely because of the advancements in technology that have made it easier for manufacturers to design and build composite bats  that have powerfully changed the game. Today there are also very strict guidelines on what kinds of bats may be used based on the batter's league, and level of play.

Choosing The Right Size Softball Bat or Baseball Bat

There are a number of different ways to measure out the perfect size baseball bats for a player. The best method is just to give the bat a swing to see whether or not you feel comfortable. When you are choosing a new bat, the general rule of thumb is that you should never exceed more than a single inch longer at a time. This is just because it will make it easier for you to adjust to the new bat that way. If you want to determine what size you should be using, you just need to measure yourself from the center of your chest out to your fingertips. You should be standing up straight with your arms stretched out wide across the horizon to get an accurate measurement.

Choosing The Correct Weight for your Baseball or Softball Bat

Even if you have already decided you specifically want an Easton bat, you still have to figure out the right weight for you. There are two reasons why the weight of your baseball bat matters. First, the weight of the bat is going to affect your ability to swing it. If you have a bat that is light enough for you, you should be able to give it a nice, hard swing. If you have a bat that is too heavy, your swing is not going to be as powerful.

Youth Bats

When you are shopping for youth bats, the size, shape, and weight matters. You need a bat that is going to make it easy for the child to swing and make contact with the ball. Lightweight baseball bats made of alloy will increase the swing speed. This gives the new player a great chance of getting a good hit when they manage to strike the ball with their bat. You should have the child hold the bat up for 20 seconds. If they cannot do this without their arms shaking, the bat is too heavy for them. When you are shopping for a baseball bat for your child, you also have to think about the league they are going to be playing in. Most little leagues have certain baseball bat regulations. Your child's bat must meet all of the requirements in order for your child to be allowed to play in the league.


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