DeMarini Spectre Special Ops Wheeled Equipment Bag WTD9412

Item#: WTD9412  |  Manufacturer: DeMarini


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DeMarini Spectre Special Ops Wheeled Equipment Bag WTD9412

DeMarini has upped the game in the wheeled softball bag market with the all new, bigger, stronger, beast of a softball bag called the Spectre. The DeMarini Spectre bag stands on its own, but also has two hooks at the top to attatch it to a fence for added sturdiness. The Spectre Special Ops wheeled bag is about 1.5 times larger than the original Special Ops Wheeled bag, and is the ultimate all day softball bag. Available in black on black, or silver/black, the Spectre bag from DeMarini has everything you need to make your day at the softball field a comfortable one.

Spectre Special Ops Wheeled Bag Features:

  • Armored with TSA Lockable Softball Bat Compartment (Hold Up to 6 Bats In Individual Padded Sleeves)
  • Shoe compartment with vented compartment
  • Molded side wall to keep bag firm and durable
  • Side by side cellphone and battery pockets
  • Cooler pocket on side to store food and drinks for the day
  • Inline wheels reinforced for durability and toughness
  • Pull out, telescoping handles for easy pulling around the parking lot, airport, or field
  • FOUR separate gear compartments inside for the ultimate in storage
  • Separate, interior bag for toiletries
  • Removable decoration panel for embroidery

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