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Baseball Bats

Baseball Bats

Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.

2011 BBCOR Bat Reviews by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

The new BBCOR bats have brought in a new era of baseball bats. Every bat manufacturer in the country seems to have a BBCOR bat offering, even the smaller bat makers like Marruci and Rip It have introduced a BBCOR. We hit every BBCOR bat on the market for three weeks straight. Combined, we put in o...
Published: Sunday 13 February, 2011

Little League Composite Bats Banned F.A.Q. by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

Q. I just bought a composite bat. What should I do? A. The bat makers are very confident that their bats will pass this new testing procedure (whatever it may be), so sit tight for about 2 weeks. Every bat maker is submitting it's composite bats for testing during the first half of January 2011 ...
Published: Monday 03 January, 2011

Little League Contact Information by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

All inquiries regarding local league and district activities should be directed to the appropriate regional center. To ensure a more prompt and complete response, please include your name, along with the local league name, city, and state (or province). In most cases, anonymous inquiries will not be...
Published: Monday 03 January, 2011

BBCOR Bats for High School and College Baseball by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

It has arrived! BBCOR Bats are now mandatory in California for both High School and College. BBCOR Baseball Bats will now be required for all Colleges as well. In 2012, all High Schools and Colleges will be required to use the new BBCOR Bat Certification
Published: Sunday 02 January, 2011

Little League Composite Bat Ban by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

Little League has decided to put a moratorium on composite baseball bats. If you have purchased a composite bat and have questions, please call the manufacturer of your bat. As soon as we information from the bat makers regarding what happens next we will share it with our customers. Little Leagu...
Published: Saturday 01 January, 2011

COMbat Composite Bat Technologies by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

Combat's innovative and highly proprietary industry-leading composite bat technologies are the combination of the industry's most precise tolerances, and the optimal blending of fibers resulting in maximum allowable bat performance. For Players, By Players
Published: Thursday 30 December, 2010

Composite Baseball Bat Barrel NFHS Ruling by Staff

Topic: Baseball Bats

Published: Wednesday 21 July, 2010

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