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A fielding glove is one of the most important tools in your gear bag. On the ball field, your glove is an extension of you. Gloves have never been better, and today there are many types of Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves for Fastpitch and Slowpitch to choose from. Constructed using genuine steerhide leather, high-end gloves are hand-made for baseball and softball players in both Youth and Adult sizes, and most are built with a specific position in mind on the diamond. Fielding gloves are most commonly between 10.5" and 12.75" in length, and can have a variety of patterns, webs, and backs. Outfield gloves are large, and help reign the ball in; conversely, infield gloves are smaller to allow for a quick transfer from the glove to the throwing hand. First Base Mitts have a large semi-circle on the pinky finger side of the glove that acts like a scoop, helping the ball find its way into the glove more often. Catcher's Mitts are the workhorse of the glove world. A good catchers mitt will have a round shape, and have additional padding to protect the hand. And finally, a variety of Training Gloves are available to help baseball and softball players practice becoming better fielders. We have the largest selection of the worlds best gloves in stock in our warehouse. Call us today and let one our our glove experts help you choose the best glove for you. Or check out some of the Glove Reviews our customers have written.

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