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DeMarini Aluminum Fungo Bat DXFUN

Item#: DXFUN  |  Manufacturer: DeMarini
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DeMarini Aluminum Fungo Bat DXFUN

DeMarini Aluminum Fungo Bat DXFUN

An aluminum fungo bat will last much longer than a wood fungo bat. This is perfect for infield and outfield defense practice. Hit all day long with this lightweight fungo.

Demarini Bat Features:

  • 22 Ounce Weight
  • 35 Inches Long
  • Ultralight 7050 aluminum alloy Fungo

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  • what is the purpose of this Fungo bat
  • Asked by lilhill on Friday 31 January, 2014
  • The purpose of a fungo bat is for coaches to have a bat that is light weight and long enough to hit ground balls and fly balls all practice without having to swing a heavy bat. The light weight fungo bat allows for better bat control as well.
  • Answered by Kevin Bat Expert

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