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Rawlings Wood Baseball Bats

CLOSEOUT Rawlings Wood Baseball Bat Adirondack Pro Ash 143BAP
CLOSEOUT Rawlings Wood Baseball Bat Adirondack Pro Ash 143BAP
Item#: 143BAP
Manufacturer: Rawlings
WAS $50
    Price: $34.95
Dicontinued ProductThis item has been discontinued

Rawlings Wood Baseball Bat Adirondack Pro Ash 143BAP



At Rawlings, the bat making process begins with the tree. We carefully hand select each log based on its size and grain structure. The log enters our sawmill where it is cut into billets and dried to an exact moisture content in our kilns. Once dry, billets go through a final rigorous grading process prior to being precisely turned to their final shape. All this occurs under the watchful eyes of our craftsmen in the Rawlings Adirondack factory located in upstate New York. Drawing on 60 years of history and heritage, we provide the quality and craftsmanship demanded by the best.

The top 15% of all wood is reserved for this category. These bats combine time honored heritage with a new improved look.

  • Rich new colors
  • New high gloss, ultra protective clear coat
  • Popular pro models
  • Cupped end
  • Handle: 15⁄16"
  • Barrel: 2 9⁄16"


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