2013 DeMarini M2M Youth Baseball Bat -12oz DXM2L

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2013 DeMarini M2M Youth Baseball Bat -12oz DXM2L

2013 DeMarini M2M Youth Baseball Bat -12oz DXM2L

The DeMarini M2M Youth Baseball Bat is full metal, american made, and some have even gone as far to say that this bad boy is the love child of Rambo and Wonder Woman... it is TRUE AMERICAN MUSCLE. Made in the USA, the M2M is all aluminum with no forgiveness. This bat was designed for the player who loves to feel the ball all the way through the bat. The full metal design makes the M2M stiffer than Uncle Sam's pointer finger. With a big, aggressive Longbarrel and a sweetspot the size of California, the M2M makes no apologies for its on-field strength. 

One of the things we love about a good bat company here at CheapBats.com is that they pay just as much attention to detail in their top of the line BBCOR Adult bats as they do their Youth Bats. DeMarini has spared no expense in capturing the true american muscle of the M2M Adult Bat to the M2M Youth Bat. After all, they are raising up the next generation of amazing baseball players, so why not start them out right? While each of DeMarini's technologies are remarkable in their own way, what really makes them innovative is how DeMarini brings them together in production. Because every hitter is different, there's no one bat that's right for everyone. Balanced or end-loaded, composite or metal, one-piece or two-piece, when DeMarini utilizes the best attributes from each of their extraordinary technologies, they create a bat that gives each hitter an advantage unique to their swing.

The 2013 M2M Youth Baseball Bat uses DeMarini's X10 Alloy, straight from the hottest fires which forges the strongest metals! With the new Youth M2M it is time to turn up the heat and light up the scoreboard. X10 Alloy, was designed with a proprietary blend of alloy agents creating an aluminum with the most optimal strength possible. This unique formation of aluminum allows DeMarini to fine-tune the thickness of the barrel walls for the ultimate sweet spot. DeMarini's X10 Alloy is so strong, it allows them to adhere to BBCOR or any other standard while still making the thinnest, lightest, and strongest bats possible with the sweet spot that you're always craving.

The M2M Youth Baseball Bat is equipped Longbarrel. Inch by inch, DeMarini's Longbarrel design enlarges the sweet spot. By keeping the diameter of the barrel at the maximum size for what feels like the whole barrel, it makes the sweet spot look and act huge. And to top off this amazing metal bat is the N2M End Cap. There's always a little extra room to pack in some more domination. This end cap utilizes the Longbarrel design of the aluminum Vexxum baseball bats and M2M baseball bats to muscle out power from every inch of the bat and decreases vibration by ensuring energy is maximized in the transfer to the ball.

2013 DeMarini DXM2L M2M Youth Baseball Bat Features:

  • X10 Alloy
  • Longbarrel Technology
  • N2M End Cap
  • Half + Half Technology
  • -12 oz Drop
  • 2-1/4" Barrel
  • New 2013 USSSA 1.15 BPF fingerprint stamp
  • Little League Approved
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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  • Pros: It is an amazing bat. It is a very nice looking bat.
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Product SpecsProduct Info
Material:Half and Half
Length To Weight:Minus 12 Ounce
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2013