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Protective Gear: Batting Helmets and Face Guards

Over the years, any fan of professional baseball has seen enough of their favorite players get hit in the head with 100 mile per hour fastballs that they know a batting helmet is a necessity. Even for those that play slowpitch softball, batting helmets and face guards are something you might want to consider adding to your bat bag. There have been countless injuries on overthrows to first base that have led to broken orbital, cheek and nose bones.

Batting helmets and face guards have also come a long way over the years to the point where they are more comfortable and look sleek, allowing you to play in style.

Baseball Batting Helmets

Years ago, there weren’t many companies that offered batting helmets for baseball players, but today, the market is filled with products from Rip It, All Star and Under Armour. These helmets don’t all have the traditional round looks, which will appeal to the younger crowd. These new designs including the Under Armour chrome and black helmet and their digital camo helmet give younger players a look that will make their friends envious.

Softball Batting Helmets

If you have ever stood in the box while receiving a pitch from a fastpitch softball player, you can attest to the fact that protection is needed. For softball players, the batting helmets don’t have the same traditional look of those worn by professional baseball players. The helmets used here are made by Rip It or Schutt and are lightweight. These fastpitch helmets all have a guard that protects the face from being struck by a ball. These built-in faceguards don’t obstruct your vision at all and will ensure you never need to go the dentist after a nasty hop.

Face Guards

Whether you play baseball or softball, there are also masks for fielders that are great for anyone that plays in the infield. Regardless of how good your form is or how quick your hands are, there will always be that one hop that will pop up and come at your face in a split second. Usually, the difference between a broken nose and a bruised ego is how fast you can drop to the ground, but with these masks produced by Worth and Rip It, you will be able to hang in there through all the hops. They easily wrap around your head with the stretchable strap and don’t give you a claustrophobic feeling.


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