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Baseballs are Softballs are the workhorses of the game. The sport we love is the only one where the defense has the ball. Baseballs and softballs are simple, and yet they are such an integral part of the game. Most baseballs are made from genuine leather, softballs more commonly use a synthetic cover to keep costs down; genuine leather softballs are available but rarely used. Balls can be filled with cork, wool winding, rubber pill, or a combination of the three.


Who Makes the Best Baseballs? Diamond or Rawlings?

Sports can lead to many interesting creations. When one company develops a new tool, other companies try to keep up the competition and develop their own version of these tools. One of the most important tools in the sport of baseball is the actual baseballs. Many companies are now producing their own version of baseballs, but not all are made the same.

If you want to order baseballs for your next pickup baseball game, which brand should you look into? Who makes the best baseballs?


Diamond SportsDiamond has been around for years and has been putting out quality baseballs for players of all ages. When Diamond-Sports construct their baseballs, they use the best materials available to them. Their “Professional League” ball is one of the most popular used in college baseball. It has a cushioned cork center with a premium leather cover. While other companies get more recognition, Diamond has dozens of models available to choose from.


RawlingsThe most recognizable name in baseball equipment is Rawlings. They are responsible for constructing baseballs for numerous leagues, events and organizations around the world, including Major League Baseball. Among the custom balls Rawlings has produced over the years include the “RLLB,” which is tournament grade for little league baseball; USSSA Tournament sanctioned balls and the “RSLL1” Senior Little League ball.  Another quality ball that Rawlings manufactures is the R1NCAA. This is the official ball of the NCAA championship. This ball was made with patented super stitch technology and full grain leather, which increases its lifetime and durability.



With so many companies producing baseballs, Diamond and Rawlings are two of the best. They are the three most popular baseball manufacturers and produce the best quality baseballs and the best quality softballs.

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