2014 Easton MAKO Big Barrel Baseball Bat -10oz SL14MKB

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2014 Easton MAKO Big Barrel Baseball Bat -10oz SL14MKB

2014 Easton MAKO Big Barrel Bat -10oz SL14MKB

Introducing the all new Senior Youth Big Barrel Easton MAKO - THE FASTEST big barrel baseball bat through the zone, providing THE MOST barrel in the hitting zone. The Easton MAKO 2 3/4" barrel bat comes equipped with the new Easton TCT Thermo Composite Technology carbon fiber which gives this baseball bat massive barrel length, a monstrously huge sweet spot, reduced MOI (Moment of Inertia - lower is better), and increased bat swing speed. 

At 2 3/4 inches, the Easton SL14MKB has the largest diameter barrel available in the Youth Big Barrel category. Even though the barrel is HUGE, the Mako is still light weight and balanced. Easton engineers were able to give the bat a massive sweet spot, huge barrel, AND a light weight, easy to swing feel. This bat is the entire package.

The composite handle and the composite barrel are joined together in the center of the bat by the patented Easton Connexion piece. The Connexion optimizes energy back into the barrel, and helps dampen vibration, keeping the handle stiff, so you don't get cheated with power robbing handle flex.

A sweet new white and gray Diamond grip adorns the handle. The white, gray, and orange paint job on the handle and barrel are sure to put fear into the opposing pitcher when they see it in the batters box. The Mako is unlike any other composite bat ever made!

Why it's a Best Seller: For 2014, the Mako is the Ferrari of bats. It is by far the most expensive bat in the big barrel category. It's a status symbol with the performance to back it up. Brand new composite material and design from the industry leader in bat sales. Huge sweet spot. Massive barrel. Light and easy to swing.

2014 Easton Big Barrel Mako Bat Features:

  • TCT Thermo Composite Technology
  • Patented two-piece ConneXion technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel
  • 29/32" composite handle with performance diamond grip
  • 2 3/4" Diameter Barrel
  • Easton Model A111648
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF thumb print stamp
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Review by: Caleb
  • Pros: The hottest bat i have ever used is the easton mako!
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: jonathan funk
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: Kids love it lots of pop right out of box
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: Mike
  • Pros: The Mako big barrel has a massive barrel. Huge sweet spot for the kids with this bat. Nice grip.
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: Bring Da Heat
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: Great looking bat, huge barrel,very balanced
  • Cons: Where's the pop? my son's CF5 has much better distance. He'll use the new Mako in BP and get frustrated then stuff it back in the bag and pull out the CF5. This is a 12 year old who will put 15-20 out of 50 out of the park in BP but there is noticably less pop on the Mako.
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  • Review by: DaddyDoc
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: The exit speed of the baseball off of this bat is unreal. My son has tried several bats (Mako -11 small barrel, CF5 -8 and -10 (big), CF6 (big)) and no bat compares to this. It has a huge sweet spot, but is responsive, allowing him to feel where he is actually making contact. The bat seems particularly well balanced, but not too light that he can't feel the barrel through the zone. With a lighter bat, he seems to lose a little barrel lag through the hitting zone. As with any bat, there is some vibration when jammed or on end barrel hits, but seems to be less than the other bats mentioned. BP is no longer an ordinary, ho-hum drill. It has turned into a chuck-and-duck session for me (yes, I am using an L-screen). He's been taught to drive the ball back through the box and some of them, I hear more than I see. As a father, I'd love to see my son use this bat in competition. It is HOT! As a former college pitcher, this bat scares me. I've left it up to his coach to make the final decision, whether he should or should not use it when the season rolls around. He is leaning towards the safety of the pitchers (46' or 50') and 3rd basemen they will face and having him use a different bat. No, I am not joking. This is by far the most advanced bat I've seen. Well worth the money.
  • Cons: Nit-picking, but he would've liked to see a full orange version in the big barrel (like his 2-1/4" barrel Mako).
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  • Review by: ramon yzquierdo
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  • Pros: lots of pop
  • Cons: none
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  • Review by: Wendy
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: We switched to the Mako the first of April and have loved every minute of it. Even when he doesn't hit the the optimum pitch he's still putting it over the infield . Super excited for the rest of the season!
  • Cons: It's a little in loaded.
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  • Review by: jacob hagerman
  • Pros: Amazing pop and I would reccomend this bat to anyone
  • Cons: nothing
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  • Review by: Jim
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  • Pros: The speed through the strike zone is the fastest of all my grandsons bats The pop off of the bat And the size of the bat intimidates the pitchers
  • Cons: Every boy on the team wants to use the bat
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  • Review by: Nick
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  • Pros: Mako bat comes out hot, son is crushing the baseball
  • Cons: None
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  • Review by: Leslie
  • Pros: My son loves to hit this MAKO. He gets most power and bat speed of any bats he has used.
  • Cons:
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  • Is there a difference in the -10 and -9 bats? My son swings a 31/21 currently but was looking at the 31/22.
  • Asked by Scott
  • There is a difference between minus ten and minus nine bats in that a minus nine bat will have more weight in the barrel and usually feel more top heavy.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Is this bat approved for 2015 12u travel baseball?
  • Asked by Joe
  • This bat is currently approved for 2014. Until 2015 comes around there will not be an approved list. When it comes to travel ball it all depends on the association your are playing and need to contact your tournament director for each tournament as rules can change. We are not responsible for the changing of any rules or regulations.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Does this bat have the USSSA 1.15 thumbprint stamp on it?
  • Asked by B Croix
  • This bat does have the USSSA thumb print stamp on it.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • We are looking for a big barrell bat for my son. He is 12 and plays little league. The bat he usually uses is a 31" What would be the best bat for him.
  • Asked by Danyel
  • This bat is not legal for any of the Little League associations as it has a 2 3/4" diameter barrel. If you son plays Little League he would need the YB14MK. If you son is playing Junior Little League or Senior Little League he would need the BB14MK as they require a BBCOR certified bat if using composite in those two divisions.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • is this bat ok for kid pitch
  • Asked by jimmy
  • It will depend on your league requirements. This bat has a 2 3/4" diameter barrel. You must first see what your league bat rules are.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • My son is 4'1' 53lbs 7yo. Not real strong but has good bat speed. I bought him the MAKO JBB14MK for Christmas. He plays 8U machine pitch. This bat is still in the wrapper. Is this bat good for machine pitch or should I return it for the YB14MK 28"17 or the SL14MKB 27"17?
  • Asked by Greg
  • Junior Big Barrel bats are meant to be used with flex baseballs are high compression balls or they are prone to cracking. The SL14MKB is the youth (senior youth) version of the big barrel meant to be used with regular pitching and standard baseballs. The YB14MK is going to be a 2 1/4" diameter barrel compared to the bigger barrels of 2 3/4" It sounds like the JBB14MK may be your best bet with your child's size.
  • Answered by Kevin Bat Expert
  • Is the 2014 mako senior big barrel bat 31/21 in stock?
  • Asked by ken
  • The 31"/21 ounce big barrel Easton Mako is (as of October 2nd), not currently in stock.
  • Answered by Claire

Product SpecsProduct Info
Length To Weight:Minus 10 Ounce
Barrel Diameter:2 3/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2014