2014 Louisville Slugger Z3000 Softball Bat Slow Pitch - Balanced USSSA SBZ314-UB

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2014 Louisville Slugger Z3000 Softball Bat Slow Pitch - Balanced USSSA SBZ314-UB

2014 Balanced Louisville Slugger Z3000 Softball Bat USSSA Slow Pitch

Completely new for 2014, the Louisville Slugger Z3000 slow pitch bat also gets a new camo paint job. With improved durability in all 2014 Louisville Slugger softball bats, you can rest assured the best bats on the softball field will continue to be Louisville Slugger.

The new T2 Technology in the transition of the barrel and the handle is made to strengthen the bond of the two. The Z-3000 softball bat benefits from this link due to an increase in trampoline effect in the barrel and dramatically decreased vibration when hitting the softball. The T2 connection piece is thicker, sturdier, and stronger. 

The Z3000 softball bat has thinner, high-strength walls in the barrel that allow Louisville Slugger to use more layers of ultra strong graphite fibers, making the Z3000 barrel lighter, thinner, and stronger at the same time.

Just ask softball superstar and USSSA Offensive Player of The Year Tim Cocco and USSSA 1st Team All Conference Lee Powers what the best softball bat is. They both use Louisville Slugger slow pitch bats.

Balanced vs End Load -  A balanced softball bat is easier to swing, despite being the same weight as an end loaded bat. Balanced bats are used most commonly by line drive hitters, while End Loaded softball bats are used by power hitters. Swing weight is personal preference, and we sell both about equal.

ASA vs USSSA -  These are the two most popular softball associations in the United States. The difference is how fast the softball is allowed to come off the barrel of the bat. With recent rule changes in both ASA and USSSA, they are now very similar in performance. Be sure to check with your league director about which bat you need. Or call our friendly staff!

Balanced USSSA Z3000 Softball Bat Features:

  • Pure 360 composite in the handle and barrel
  • TRU3 - 3-piece bat construction
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Synthetic grip with standard 7/8" tapered handle
  • 12 Inch Pro Style barrel
  • USSSA, NSA, ISA approved (Not approved for play in ASA and ISF)
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Review by: Roy B
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: Straight out of the wrapper this bat is hot!!! Was hitting line drive after line drive my first round and the exit speed off the bat was ridiculous. Really felt it open up my second round hitting about 10 hrs on a baseball field where it's 330 down the lines. Has some SERIOUS pop and I'm gonna love it
  • Cons: The only thing that worries me is that I have heard multiple people say theirs busted within 20 swings... Mine had about 80 now so hopefully it can hold up
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  • Review by: Jay G
  • Pros: I got the balanced version. This bat was just incredibly hot straight out of the wrapper. The ball bounced off the bat like none other.
  • Cons: I used it for batting practice once (30 swings) and took it to our first tournament (hitting low compression HotDot balls) and it busted by the fourth game. Maybe 75 swings total. 3 other guys at that tournament had their new Z3000s bust as well. A friend of mine has his endload version bust in 15 swings. Louisville has failed pathetically in bat endurance.
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  • Review by: Ashely Kelso
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: This bat has been perfect for me! I did a lot of research before picking this one in particular. I'm glad I finally chose this one. It's light and the swing is smooth. Despite that it feel batting is easier the distance of my hits has greatly improved. Love it!
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: bigguy
  • Pros: This bat is so hot it should be outlawed. I bought this bat off a recommendation and since then my team has 4 of them and the entire lineup swings them. Hot out of the wrapper with a great feel. As a power hitter Im dropping 400+ foot bombs on a regular basis.
  • Cons: Entire team wants to swing it which has to cut down on longevity of life
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  • Review by: Puckett#34
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: 26oz Balanced, though it was NOT hot out of the wrapper, this bat has really heated up after about 300 cuts. Balance feels great, large sweet spot, a lot of pop after break-in period. Factory grip is comfortable and bat has very minimal feedback. 400 cuts and counting, love my bat.
  • Cons: Paint seems to scratch fairly easily.
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  • Review by: Matt Spires
  • Pros: Hot out of the wrapper, great feel
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  • Review by: Raymond
  • Pros: bought the bat last minute just before i went to world series in Calgary, was worried about it not being broken in yet but that quickly passed after the first few line drives were hit, love the bat! feels nice making contact with it
  • Cons: paint seemed to chip a bit easier than other bats i own
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  • What's the difference between the Z2000 & the Z3000?
  • Asked by Edgar
  • The Louisville Slugger Z3000 has the new TRU3 connection making this a 3 piece bat. The rubber piece that connects the barrel and the handle is a little smaller on the Z2000 than it is on the Z3000, making the Z3000 have slightly less feedback in your hands. Both bats are great.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • If this bat is to bust, what is the return policy?
  • Asked by #14
  • This bat comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. If this bat were to break you would contact Louisville Slugger's warranty department and they would have you ship it to them along with your proof of purchase. They would thus send out to you a new replacement bat.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Just wondering what the best price you can give me for this bat at 27oz??
  • Asked by Justin
  • The price listed on our website will be the best price we can offer at this time.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)

Product SpecsProduct Info
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2014
Product Keywords:USSSA

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