2015 Rawlings Trio BBCOR Baseball Bat End Loaded -3oz BBRTTE

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2015 Rawlings Trio BBCOR Baseball Bat End Loaded -3oz BBRTTE

Rawlings has really impressed us this year with their new 2015 TRIO BBCOR baseball bat. The Rawlings TRIO is a three-piece bat that incorporates the latest and most innovative technology on the market today. The foundation is set using their aerospace-grade TRIO technology. This aluminum material creates a BBCOR bat that is lightweight, durable and easily controlled.


The 2015 Rawling TRIO BBCOR bat also incorporates their Precision-Optimized Performance technology (pOp 2.0) into the barrel for a sweet spot that is extended 25% more than any other comparable bat. All this translates to an increase in a players productivity. Expect a consistent rise in average and power numbers when you’re swinging the Rawlings TRIO.


Another impressive addition to the 2015 TRIO is its Comp Lite Endcap. By inserting this composite endcap to the TRIO, vibration is significantly reduced, and energy that may have been lost before is now redirected back to that huge sweet spot. Because Rawlings knows that no two players are the same, they are offering both a balanced and an end-loaded model for you to choose from. Their balanced construction increases bat velocity and gets the batter’s swing through the zone quickly and efficiently. If you can handle a little extra barrel weight, the end-load construction will maximize the power behind every swing.


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2015 Rawlings Trio BBCOR Features:


  • 3-piece design

  • Massively extended sweet spot

  • Advanced TRIO technology

  • Rawlings pOp 2.0 barrel extension

  • 2 ⅝” diameter barrel size

  • -3 length to weight ratio

  • End Load Weighting

  • BBCOR Certified (legal for NCAA and High School play)

  • Rawlings One Year Warranty

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Product SpecsProduct Info
Material:Half and Half
Length To Weight:Minus 3 Ounce
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2015