2018 Miken Freak 20th Anniversary Slowpitch Softball Bat Maxload ASA MF20MA

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Item#: MF20MA  |  Manufacturer: Miken
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2018 Miken Freak 20th Anniversary Slowpitch Softball Bat Maxload ASA MF20MA

The Miken Freak Maxload provides a massive 14" long barrel length with an increased sweet spot, delivering on of the most forgiving bats on the market. A maxload weighting provides more mass at the end of the barrel for greater pop and power potential! Get your Freak 20th Anniversary Bat today, right here at CheapBats.com!

2018 Freak "20th Anni" Maxload ASA Bat Features: 

  • 2-Piece Bat Construction
  • 100% Composite Design (100COMP) rest assured you're getting an amazing bat with Miken's legendardy record of performance and durability that changed the game of softball
  • Triple Matrix Core + increases material volume by 15% which removes wall seams and improves the carbonized layering process to give you a HUGE sweetspot with unrivaled performance
  • Sensi-Flex Technology
  • End-Loaded Swing Weight (Maxload)
  • 14" Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for ASA
  • Made in the USA
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

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  • Pros: Purchased the Miken Freak, MF20MA, 20th Anniversary, ASA Maxload, 34/27, on 10/02/18. Tuesday,10/09/18, was the first opportunity with which I had to use the bat. Fresh/new and just out of the box, I, along with other team members were amazed as to how rapidly the ball popped off of the bat and the extended distance with which the ball traveled. Just by the sound of the ball coming off of the bat, was an indication that it is a very good quality bat, which will perform to ones expectations. As a result, I can only imagine the fine performance and additional progress that can be expected once the bat is broken-in. Looking forward to it……………… Today, Tuesday, 10/23/18, was the second time with which I had the occasion to use the bat in a game situation. Players from both sides noticed and were amazed at the fine performance delivered by the Miken Maxload ASA, 20th Anniversary bat. Players from both teams asked for permission to use the bat, which of course was no problem, and allowed. All those who used the bat and a couple of those who chose not to, were in awe as to the exceptional attainment regarding the distance in which the ball traveled and the quality of the sound as the ball came off of the bat. After witnessing all those who enjoyed the bat’s performance, I would be of the opinion that a few more orders of Miken bats could be expected from those players who enjoyed the value/advantage of what that Miken bat delivered.
  • Cons: Cons??? Well the season may very well be coming to a close. Colder weather is on its way and it will be a bit disappointing knowing that I may have to wait about six or seven months to have the opportunity/pleasure of again enjoying the bat.
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  • Pros: 30 ounce hits .52 COR 300 Compression ASA softballs (Dudley) an average of 340 feet. I am 6'1", 265 lbs. The 30 oz with Maxload matches my frame and mechanics very well. Initial bat break in was minimal at 150 swings. Out the wrapper the bat was hitting 315 ft average. Bat has not been broken in full and has hit 360 feet. I estimate the bat will be completely broke in after 100 more swings. I estimate this bat will be 380 to 400 foot capable at peak break-in.
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  • Pros: Good solid hitting bat. You can feel and hear the solid contact. Other players on my team want to use it.sweI
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  • what thickness of grip does Miken put on its bats?
  • Asked by Bob Mayer
  • They use a standard, synthetic bat grip that's not very thick or cushy.
  • Answered by Kris (Bat Expert)

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Series:Miken Freak
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
Model Year:2018
Product Keywords:ASA