Anderson Techzilla Youth Bat -9 Ounce 015028

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Anderson Techzilla Youth Bat -9 Ounce 015028

Lightly used bats at a great price but do show signs of wear.

The Youth Techzilla Baseball Bat from Anderson is back!

This red and blue beauty has a legendary lineage going back many years. The minus 9 ounce length to weight ratio gives this youth bat a slightly heavier feel than a composite bat, but the massive power that can be generated by the huge, metal barrel can not be denied!

The TechZilla Youth baseball bat includes the PowerArch – interior sleeve – multi-wall design that features two matched aluminum walls, an inner sleeve that wields the patented PowerArch contour and an exterior shell that wraps the interior sleeve with added elastic performance, durability and provides a feel that is uniquely balanced. Together they create a highly responsive hitting surface that includes a generous effective hitting area and superior feel. 

The TaperFlex contour is designed to optimize the flexural and vibrational response of the bat by distributing the mass of the taper in such a way that a harmonic flexural response is achieved.  When combined, the result is a bat that has superior feel, superior performance and a truly unique hitting experience. 
The Ultra-Thin Handle is designed to maximize batspeed.  It is designed thin to make it easily customizable for each hitter. 
The patented Weldless-Ergonomic Knob adds weight where it is transparent to the swing.  It improves the balance of the bat and maximizes the MOI while adding the additional distance that only mass in the right place can give you.  The construction is patented and the shape of the ergonomic knob was designed in cooperation with a team of orthopedic surgeons to provide a safer, more comfortable feel. 
The TruFlex Toughened-Lightweight Cap adds to the performance and feel of the bat by providing the support in the end of the bat necessary to maximize the energy transfer of the barrel to the ball while maintaining just enough flex to control the amount of vibration created at contact.  The reduced weight in the cap improves the bat’s MOI. 
A reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) is the object of all of the weight manipulation included in the overall design and the design of every component used in an Anderson bat.  This attention to the structural details makes it possible to swing a heavier bat with less effort.  A quicker, more powerful swing makes it possible

Anderson Techzilla Bat Features:

  • Minus 9 Ounce length to weight ratio
  • 1.15 BPF USSSA Stamp
  • Ultra Thin Whip Handle helps to increase bat speed
  • New padded grip
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Light weight End Cap
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Approved by all major youth baseball leagues including: Little League, Dixie youth, Babe Ruth, and USSSA 1.15 Standard
  • Used bat in good condition, but sold without a warranty, which is reflected in the price of this bat

  • Review by: BatMan
  • Pros: Purchased the 2013 Green Anderson "Techzilla" last year for my son. I did a lot of research beforehand and the "Balanced" Techzilla made a huge difference over the "End Loaded" bats he was using. Instead of singles he hit doubles and triples and homeruns. If this bat is anything like the 2013...its worth every nickel! IMO.
  • Cons: Paint chips...but that gives the bat character right! LOL!
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  • Review by: Matt
  • Pros: Amazing best bat ever
  • Cons: Nope
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  • Review by: ChraZy99
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: I love this bat! HOT HOT HOT!
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: Kevin
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: Bought the bat for 7 year old son that is big for his age. He has no problems swinging the end loaded bat. He says the bat has no vibration unlike his previous bat which was from one of the top manufacturers. Since we live in the north he has only been in the cages to this point, but the ball does seem to jump off of the bat.
  • Cons: none at this point
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  • Review by: John Correiro
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: Our son says, "I love my new bat! It felt comfortable from the first time I hit with it." The length to weight ratio was the heaviest we could find for our son to use in Little League. He is a big, strong boy and likes the fell of swinging a heavier bat. The quality is great and the weight is about perfect for a strong 12-year old who has a good swing. Our son has hit a homerun in the three games that he has used his new bat in, need we say more! From a parent's point of view, the cost was a major factor in this purchase. We have four children, all of whom play various sports and while most kids in our league are spending $25-$450.00 for a bat that they will use 1 or 2 seasons, the price point of less the $100.00 for this bat was a great selling point! Everyone at school is asking our son where he purchased his new bat and he has proudly told them where they can order the bat. This product is highly recommended.
  • Cons: None
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  • Review by: Ron
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  • Pros: Nice to still have a -9 on the market for a youth bat. Perfect for my 12 year old son.
  • Cons:
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  • Is this bat approved for Little League game use? Minor B
  • Asked by CK Frederick
  • The 2014 Anderson Techzilla Youth Bat -9 Ounce has the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp and is absolutely approved for Little League Baseball play with its 2 1/4" barrel diameter.
  • Answered by Kris (Bat Expert)

Product SpecsProduct Info
Length To Weight:Minus 9 Ounce
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4" Diameter Barrel