BBCOR Easton Rival Review

by Staff

The new adult Easton Rival baseball bat is yet another quality bat in their already competent BBCOR line-up. As far as performance goes in the respective Easton BBCOR bats class, I would place the Easton Rival BBCOR bat in the middle of the pack between the Surge BBCOR and the Easton Omen BBCOR. The Rival had what seemed to be a bigger, more forgiving sweet spot than the Surge and the ball would really jump off the bat when I would get a good swing on one. I liked the new VRS bat grip as well as the tapered handle, and while I am usually not a fan of end loaded baseball bats, I actually liked the way the Rival feels. Overall, the adult Rival baseball bat has a good solid feel to it. If your preference is for a single piece bat, then the Easton Rival might be the best BBCOR bat for you.

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This article was published on Thursday 19 May, 2011.

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