Are softball bats a liability?

by Staff

With the new ASA softball bat standards, the game is moving in the right direction, however banning all non-wood softball bats is going too far.  Below is an article of how one league has taken rules for softball bats to the extreme.  We all know there is no such thing as a $600 softball bat, at least not yet.  I agree softball league officials must be vigilant in policing illegal softball bats, but they still need to use a little bit of common sense in the matter.

"The use of metal and composition bats in games of the Cape Ann Industrial Softball League, played at Burham's Field, have been banned by the city, beginning next season, because they propel balls too far."

"The action was taken by Mark Cole, the director of parks, earlier this month to protect public safety from rocket shots off what are suspected to be doctored or "juiced" bats swung that are landing in the yards of neighbors of the downtown field."

"They're taking $6-7-800 bats to be doctored out of town," Ken Sarofeen, a longtime league umpire alleged on June 30 at a meeting of the City Council's Ordinance and Administration Committee. "It's getting out of control."

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This article was published on Friday 05 September, 2008.

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