CLOSEOUT Mizuno Global Elite Jinama Baseball Glove 11.75” GGE50J1

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CLOSEOUT Mizuno Global Elite Jinama Baseball Glove 11.75" GGE50J1

The all new 2015 Mizuno Global Elite Jinama Baseball Glove is here and ready to show off its armor. We say armor because the Jinama glove uses some of the toughest and most durable leather in the game. Made light and rugged, the Jinama ball glove  uses a counterbalance design for less weight in the fingers to shorten reaction time, which gives players fast hands while fielding the ball. 

Mizuno also incorporates Roll Welting, which is a technique that improves the strength and strengthens the structure to support the fingers. This support also helps the glove maintain its shape season after season. Another great feature is the 3D Technology which gives the glove an unmatched ergonomic fit, making an already amazing ball glove that much better. 

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Global Elite Jinama Ball Glove Features:

  • Japanese Leather - rugged and rich for extreme durability
  • Vibration processed, hand oiled leather
  • Roll Welting - Increases structure and support throughout the fingers
  • Rugged polyurethane patch
  • Antimicrobial cushioned wrist pad for a secure fit
  • Glove Bag Included
  • 11.75” Infield/Pitcher Pattern
  • Tartan Shock (Modified Trapeze) Web
  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Web Type:Trapeze
Glove Size:11.75"