CLOSEOUT Rawlings Maple Ace Velo Wood Baseball Bat 271MAV

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Item#:271MAV  |  Manufacturer: Rawlings
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CLOSEOUT Rawlings Maple Ace Velo Wood Baseball Bat 271MAV

Rawlings Maple Ace Velo Wood Baseball Bat 271MAV

What It Means to Be VELO: Bat velocity (VELO) = Power. Rawlings Velo bats are best suited for players looking to maximize their swing speed while seeking a more balanced stick.

Rawlings 271MAV Maple Ace Velo Wood Baseball Bat Features:

  • Maple Ace Wood
  • Medium (Velo) Barrel
  • 15/16" Handle
  • Cupped End



  • Review by: Jeff Levine
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  • Pros: Great prices and great service. The associate assisted me with shipping bats I needed for an out of town baseball tournament. Looking forward to picking them at the hotel when I arrive. Could not have been easier. Oh and did I mention great prices! Will be back...
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  • Do you offer bat packs of say 4 or 6 for a cheaper price than buying them individually? Just wondering
  • Asked by John
  • Unfortunately the price listed on our website will be the best price we can offer per unit. We strive to have the best and most competitive prices on the internet thus making each unit price the lowest we can go.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • I am just getting back in to baseball after not playing since I was a kid. I am essentially a beginner again, I am looking for a good entry level bat that will have good pop (If i'll be even able to hit the ball!) I am trying to gear my swing more towards making contact with a shorter swing, so something i'll be able to turn on and get the bat head around a little bit faster....Thanks!
  • Asked by Mack
  • Pop wise all wood bats will be very similar. The Rawlings Maple Ace is a nice model as well as any of the Louisville Slugger Pro Stock Lite bats. These bats are made lighter than your standard wood bat and may meet your needs best.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)

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Material:Wood (Maple)