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One bat manufacturer that is best known for supplying power-crafted sports equipment for baseball teams, for slowpitch softball teams, and for fastpitch softball teams is DeMarini. The company, founded in 1989 by the late Ray DeMarini, is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. Ever since its first bat was produced, DeMarini has specialized in making bats that simply hit home runs -- DeMarini bats are for power, not for any finesse hitting.

In 1993, DeMarini took that reputation and advanced it further by introducing double wall bats (the DeMarini Doublewall was, in fact, the world's first multi-wall bat). The ball bounced right off these bats, especially when struck on the bat's sweet spot. This advancement in the technology made some question the safety of using such bats, but that didn't stop sales from reaching more than 10,000 each year. The company was sold to Wilson Sporting Goods in 2000, but DeMarini continues to produce top-of-the-line bats, staying ahead of the competitive curve with its technology producing game-enhancing sports equipment.

Among the top bats on the market from DeMarini are those that are re-worked each season to ensure that their users get the most from every swing. The 2016 Demarini CF8 BBCOR baseball bat sets the newest baseball bat standard, not only in massive power but also in a somewhat larger price: This bat features the D-Fusion 2.0 Handle, the usual  Paradox +Plus Composite Barrel, with its high-strength carbon fiber barrel finished with DeMarini's "Low Pro" end cap and RCK Knob. This 2016 bat is certified by the Little League, USSSA, the AABC, and other sports entities and organizations.

What are some of the best DeMarini softball bats for softball leagues?

All around DeMarini Softball Bat 

The 2016 Combat Assault G5 Slowpitch: A 2-¼ barrel diameter bat approved for play in the following associations: USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF, but not approved by the ASA. This bat is manufactured in Canada.

DeMarini Wood Bats

For players that need a wood bat for their softball league, the DeMarini Pro maple composite bats could be perfect. The barrel itself is made of high grade maple wood that is made to withstand swings from the entire team night after night. These bats have composite handles and are BBCOR approved. Be sure to check that your league allows composite handle construction.

DeMarini Aluminum Bats

The DeMarini Fungo is one of the best bargains and DeMarini models you can get for use in aluminum ASA leagues.

DeMarini Senior League Bats

A lot of senior slow pitch leagues require different bats than the ones used in open leagues. With that in mind, DeMarini’s The 2015 DEMARINI VEXXUM Senior was designed to help allow everyone to reach for the fences. Please check with your league requirements on bat specs.


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