Louisville Slugger Hard Maple Youth Baseball Bat MLBHMYG

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Louisville Slugger Hard Maple Youth Baseball Bat MLBHMYG

Louisville Slugger Hard Maple Youth Bat


From the earliest days of the game, Louisville Slugger has always employed the most powerful technology available in the bat business. Back in the days of Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, that meant having the most skilled craftsmen at the lathe, handcrafting bats to the most demanding specifications of the world’s most demanding players. Today, it means applying the latest aerospace technology to bat making, delivering high-tech aluminum, hybrid and composite bats that give new meaning to the word “performance.”

Don't make the mistake of thinking all wood baseball bats are the same. They may look similar, but the quality of wood is very different from one wood bat company to another. Louisville Slugger sets itself apart from other wood bat makers with over 120 years of bat making experience, outstanding turning models and the ability to offer the best quality wood on the market. This quality comes at a price. Louisville Slugger bats can be more expensive than other bats because they use only the very best timber to make their bats. With wood bats, you get what you pay for. Cheap priced wood bats usually mean cheap quality wood.

Why Maple?

Hard Hitting Surface

  • Maple is a very dense timber with a greater surface hardness than ash. Some players believe this hardness gives them better performance.
  • Maple is a closed-grained timber with a structure similar to layers in a laminate product. This makes the bat less prone to flake than an ash bat and allows for a maple bat to be more durable.
  • When a maple bat breaks, it tends to snap in half rather than just splinter like ash.
  • The heavier weight of maple makes it difficult to make lightweight large barrel models. Most players who use maple use a model with a small barrel to get the bat weight they desire.

Louisville Slugger Hard Maple Youth Baseball Bat Features:

  • FINISH: Gwynn
  • LENGTH: 27"-31"
  • CUPPED: Yes


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Product SpecsProduct Info
Material:Wood (Maple)
Model Year:2013