Markwort Knobcuff EZ Taper

Item#:KNOBCUFF-EZ-TAPER  |  Manufacturer: Markwort
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Markwort Knobcuff EZ Taper

The Markwort Knobcuff EZ Taper instantly became the most popular hitting tool in the game of slowpitch softball, but that’s no more. Not only is it extremely popular in slowpitch, but it has ventured over to the game of baseball with more and more players wanting and experimenting with a taper. Rather than trying to create your own taper with tape or some other invention, getting your hands on the Markwort Knobcuff EZ Taper won’t just make your life easier, but give you the perfect taper feel you’re looking for. Designed for comfort, but mainly to enhance grip and increase bat speed, the Markwort Knobcuff EZ Taper comes in a number of colors and can change the way you swing the bat.


  • Enhanced Grip
  • Increase Hand Speed
  • Increased Torque

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