Mizuno Global Elite Baseball Glove 11.5” GGE60

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Item#:311761  |  Manufacturer: Mizuno
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Mizuno Global Elite Baseball Glove 11.5" GGE60

Mizuno baseball gloves are among the best on the field. Mizuno has over 100 years of experience making the world’s finest baseball gloves. E-Lite Leather is an exclusive leather that is softer and lighter than normal baseball glove leather. Counter Balanced design removes unnecessary weight from the fingers on the glove. Roll Welting add support and maintains shape in the fingers. Rugged new silicon patch is pretty spiffy.


  • E-Lite Leather
  • Counter Balanced
  • Roll Welting
  • Rugged new patch
  • 11.5" Infield Pattern
  • Deep III Web
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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  • when are you gonna have this item back in stock
  • Asked by Joram Perez
  • We will not be receiving this glove back in stock.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Hello, I am wondering if I can change the size of the glove to 11.75? I love everything about the glove. How it looks, feels, and a bunch of other stuff but it is just to small for me... I you could please change the size to 11.75. It would be very delightful.
  • Asked by Cristian
  • This particular baseball glove comes only in an 11.5 Inch pattern. If you are interested in a larger glove in a similar pattern to this Mizuno glove, use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow down our huge assortment of gloves to the one that fits you best!
  • Answered by Mike P. - Product Expert

Product SpecsProduct Info
Web Type:I-Web
Glove Size:11.5"