Rawlings Adirondack Black Ash Wood Baseball Bat R212AB

Item#: R212AB  |  Manufacturer: Rawlings


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Rawlings Adirondack Black Ash Wood Baseball Bat R212AB

Adirondack Black Ash Bat Features: 

  • Wood: Ash
  • Barrel: Large
  • Handle: 31/32"
  • Signature Style End Brand for Easy Personalization
  • Laser Engraved Knob
  • No Warranty

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  • What is the barrel size?
  • Asked by John Magoto
  • This bat has an unspecified barrel diameter, but the 212 profile means it has a large barrel, so I would assume the barrel diameter is between 2 3/8 and a 2 5/8 inch and the bat will be slightly end-loaded. Most of the smaller barreled/balanced wood bats have 2 1/2 inch barrel diameters.
  • Answered by Kris (Bat Expert)

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Material:Wood (Ash)