Rawlings Exogrid Baseball Bat Youth League -11oz YB51XO

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Item#:YB51XO  |  Manufacturer: Rawlings
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Rawlings Exogrid Baseball Bat Youth League -11oz YB51XO

Some players perform better with a stiff handle bat.  The new Rawlings Exogrid is the bat for you. Until now those players had to compromise a sweet feeling bat for peak performance because as a bat gets stiffer, its vibrational response increases. By incorporating Ph. D technology (Passive Hybrid Damping) into stiff handle bat designs, the need for compromise is over. Ph. D is the ultimate in vibration reduction technology, it will revolutionize the feel of stiff handle bats because it filters out harsh vibration more effectively than any previous technologies.

Barrel: 2 1/4" Ultra responsive 5150 alloy barrel
Certification: Approved for play in all youth leagues
USSSA BPF 1.15 with New Stamp for 2012 and Beyond
End Plug: Patent pending Speed Cap compatible endcap
Exogrid with PH.D: Offers improved Damping which creates a larger sweetspot and reduces sting
Frame: 1-Piece Alloy Frame Reinforced with Patented ExoGrid with Ph.D Technology
Grip: Premium synthetic leather
Level: Adult
Series: 5150 Alloy, 5150 EXOGRID
Spec: Sci-Fly Designed and Certified
1 Year Warranty

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