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When considering the latest companies to invade the lucrative slowpitch softball market, Rip-It is one of the most promising. The company was founded in 2003, but it wasn't until the past 12-16 months that they have really picked up steam in the market of baseball and softball bats. The company is based out of Orlando, Florida and was originally known as the company that created the smaller and more comfortable face masks for infielders.

The face masks became an instant hit in the market and were used by those in little leagues where masks were required for all batters, as well as slowpitch softball leagues that required masks for catchers and pitchers who wanted them to protect themselves. As the company began to get more popular, they moved out of a smaller garage into a large warehouse where they could stock up on more of their products, enabling better customer service.

Rip-It produces bats for most leagues including senior and high school baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch softball and other leagues. One of the most popular Rip-It models is the Prototype. The Prototype series features various models for different league types. It is manufactured with a one-piece fully composite material and is slightly end loaded to enhance your power swing. The Rip-It brand has an enlarged sweet spot that nearly covers the entire barrel and is made to reduce vibrations in the swing with a raised ridge dampening grip.

The Rip-It name is one that will continue to grow in the baseball and softball equipment business and one that will only see its reputation grow with each line of new products.

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