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Training and Field Equipment

Hitting Screens like the Bownet Big Mouth can take the abuse of repeated hitting and pitching practice. After a long day of practice, one of our Pro Ice Shoulder/Elbow wraps will help your arm recover. Weighted softballs like the Cannonball are a great tool to use for warming up your arm before a game. Grab a few dozen wiffle balls for your practice, the lightweight plastic baseballs and softballs are a great training tool and you don't have to run far to pick them up.


One of the most difficult things for any baseball or softball player, or even any athlete in general, is getting injured. Whether you don’t stretch enough before the game, warm up your arm before throwing the ball from third base, or don’t take a few practice cuts before stepping to the plate, injuries happen and when they do, your season can be lost before it ever began. One off the best ways for you to avoid any injuries from arising in season is to get your body prepared in the offseason.

If you are a pitcher, you will need to make sure your arm can handle the long season and one way to do that is with ice therapy wraps. There are several of these devices out there that will help keep your arm healthy after throwing 100 pitches. There are some for adults and some for children, so parents can help keep the shoulder and elbow of their kids healthy at an early age. When it come to warming up your arm before a game, you can use a basic softball or baseball to throw, or you can use a warm up ball, which Cannonball produces, to get your arm ready. After five to seven throws with the warm up ball, the regular baseball or softball will feel so light that you will get your best throw behind each play.

Injuries don’t only happen when a player doesn’t prepare their muscles and tendons for the game. They also occur when a player doesn’t work on their hand speed. Being a great infielder is all about being able to quickly move your hands when balls take those nasty hops and one way to work on this is by using the Rawlings 5-Tool Foam Quick Hands Trainer. This tool is essential for the overall improvement of a player, especially when in their earlier ball-playing years.

Another helpful training tool for baseball and softball players is a pitching target. Some of these units allow you to move the strike zone around, allowing you to work on the accuracy of your pitches. With one of these training tools, you will be able to work on your pitches year-round, making it easy for you to impress the coaches when spring practice begins.

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