Worth Prodigy Baseball Bat Youth League -13 LYB13

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Item#:LYB13  |  Manufacturer: Worth Bats
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Worth Prodigy Baseball Bat Youth League -13 LYB13

Worth Prodigy Baseball Bat Youth League -13 LYB13

The Worth Prodigy baseball bat provides an up to 30% thinner taper, resulting in more FLEX and more POWER.  Worth's Whiplash tension process stretches a thin tube into shape with hyper-thin walls.  Therefore, whiplash designs have maximum bending ability to increase swing speed and power.  The Rotary Hammer compression process used by competitors pushes metal into shapes, causing a thicker taper section.  The Worth Prodigy baseball bat is Worths best performing, -13 all aluminum bat.

Compared to other alloys, Lithium D955 incorporates proprietary bulk metal filtration causing much lower impurity levels (impurities weaken overall strength) for maximum strength and toughness.  Now every player will feel the magnified power of the Worth Prodigy Baseball Bat with D955 technolgy.

  • Minus 13oz. length to weight ratio
  • Lithium D955 alloy.  Strongest aluminum ever in a Worth baseball bat
  • Whiplash Frame: up to 30% thinner walls = more flex and higher bat speed
  • Optimized Compression Barrel for more trampoline effect
  • Silencer leather grip for sting vibration reduction
  • Perimeter weighted plug for 5% more inertia to drive through the ball
  • 2 1/4 Small Youth Barrel
  • Approved by all youth associations
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty

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