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Slowpitch Softball Gloves

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Slowpitch Gloves

For the millions of slowpitch softball players around the world, the start of a new season brings the promise of new successes, possible failures and new gear. While it is an obvious change that many players will need to replace their cleats or turf shoes and their bats, one change that may not be as noticeable or obvious is a new slowpitch softball fielding glove. Over time, these gloves begin to break down and make being a solid fielder difficult to do.

The importance of getting a new slowpitch fielding glove should never be lost on anyone. Many new players to the sport think that they can use their old baseball glove, but this is the first mistake you can make with your new hobby. Softballs are larger than baseballs and as such, baseball gloves are meant to open up enough to catch baseballs and are not made for softballs.

There are many things that need to be looked at closely when determining which slowpitch softball fielding glove to get. Among the most important include type of leather, length and style. Mizuno, Worth and Louisville Slugger are some of the most popular manufacturers that produce new gloves each season. These companies strive to use only the best materials in their gloves, allowing their users the best chance to succeed on those tough plays in the hole, down the line or up the middle.

Nokona is one of the most popular names in the fielding glove business and they are known as a manufacturer that uses only the best quality leather. The company uses walnut “crunch” leather, which is the material they have been using for decades to give slowpitch players a reliable glove that won’t fail them when they need the most help. Most Nokona models are similar in style in appearance, but they come in different sizes depending on what position you play on the field.   Cheapbats.com has a wide selection of gloves by leading manufacturers at the best prices around.

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