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Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Fastpitch Softball Gloves

The world of fastpitch softball is one that features extremely talented women playing a sport that is loved around the world. For any diehard fastpitch player, much like anyone who has played slowpitch softball or even baseball, the tools you bring to the field with you are as important to your successes and failures as your actual ability. The last thing you want to have happen to you when playing third base is have a line drive hit right at your face and suffer an accident as a result of a broken web. This is something that happens each season and the only way to prevent this would be to ensure you are equipped with the best fielding gloves on the market.

Trying to determine what the “best” of anything is difficult to do at times, but with improving technology, more and more products, including and especially for athletes, are getting better and more reliable. While many of the usually names in fastpitch softball gear put out products that can relied on for years, there are a few that have become known as the top of the food chain.

One of those companies is Wilson. Wilson manufactures fastpitch softball gloves that exceed the expectation of many players in terms of comfort, longevity and style. Some players prefer a single post web, while others would rather have a basket weave glove and to ensure that they are able to give their customers what they want, Wilson has models for every position in both styles.

Another aspect of the fastpitch glove that many players might neglect is when the glove has a larger opening. Slowpitch softball gloves have smaller openings for the ball than fastpitch gloves, so while you may think they can be used in either sport, they shouldn’t. Much like how slowpitch softball bats are built differently than fastpitch softball bats, the gloves fall under the same criteria.

Calling all female athletes!  Your fast pitch gloves are here at Chepbats.com - Your baseball bat is critical to score runs, but defensive baseball is all about the glove and how it feels in your hand.  The confidence from knowing you have the right tool for the job and making those plays!

So, take a look and our glove lineup and pick your best friend on the field.

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